JUNE 23, 2003

Next Meeting: July 14, 7-9 p.m. Nederland Community Center

The entire group brainstormed ideas about Community Identity. Then Vision 1 group did some preliminary work (see below). Participants felt that everyone should spend time thinking about what the community identity should be and communicate via email and at the next meeting. The task: How do we want to be known? What should our community identity be? (I suggest looking down the road a couple years and assume we have begun to implement our visions and not try to capture our identity now.)

Brainstorm List:
- Most wide awake sleepy town
- Gateway to the Rockies
- World class outdoor recreation
- Qaint rustic “Northern Exposure” character
- The total Rocky Mountain experience
- Mining history
- Music
- Renewable energy capital of Colorado
- Crankiest town
- Friendliest town
- Dining
- Genuine small town
- Eclectic
- Dog town
- Unplanned getaway
- A little bit quaint a little bit quirky
- Our beautiful environment and setting
- Mayberry in the twilight zone
- Sister city with Holland
- Highest lowlands
- Radio free Ned
- Wind (as the wind blows)
- Not Boulder
- Self-sufficient community with all services
- Alternative education
- Laid back lifestyle/alternative lifestyle
- Town characters
- Frozen dead guy
- No AC
- Funky and a little rough
- Rural

Vision 1: In 2010, there is a clean, aesthetic and functional infrastructure that links the central business district with our natural and recreational resources.

Action Plan

Community identity ideas:
- Nederland: vast recreation opportunities around the only historic portal into the Indian Peaks Wilderness
- Nederland: Gateway to the Indian Peaks Wilderness—with a funky “down home” feel
- Nederland: mountain getaway with a small town flavor
- Nederland: where wilderness is BIG and the view is free
- Nederland: Wild and wooly, small and free

Additional Action Plans:
- Develop Financing Strategy at next meeting
- Meet with planning commission to talk about our Action Plan, specifically the Pedestrian Access Plan
- Hold reception for property owners with special speaker to discuss Business Improvement Districts

Completed Action Items:
Beautification: paint buildings, plant flowers, redecorate east entrance sign

Vision 2: In 2010, there is a diverse set of businesses, services and non-profit organizations nurturing an affordable, thriving community that reflects our unique history, environment and people.

Action Plan

1. Data collection:
- Committee will meet in a week to make outline of what we want to survey
- Contact CU, Steamboat Springs speaker, experimental survey for chambers of commerce
- Conduct small group survey of Economic Summit participants
- Kevin started rudimentary survey

2. Networking:
- Chad is hosting social event at NedMex
- Chad to create a business listserve
- Paul to establish investor/entrepreneur network

3. Education:
- John is bringing information on SCORE, CTEK and Boulder Chamber
- Mo will host 3 annual events to educate Nederland on renewable energy
- Chad is helping to create a map/kiosk/information opportunities board

4. Streamlining Governmental Process to Business Venture: A new subcommittee
- Paul, Serene and Joyce will research and outline current process to start a business in Nederland
- Chad will go to Town Board of Trustees meetings to represent business owners and chamber members

Vision 3: In 2010, there is a sustainable family-oriented economy with high quality schools, childcare and well-developed support systems.

Action Plan

The group identified existing service categories and services:
Preschool: Little Bear, Over the Rainbow, Caribou at Nederland Elem.
Senior Housing: located on 2nd Street
School Age: Youth & Family Center, Wild Bear, Nederland schools, Chinook Alternative School
Affordable Housing: Dyers, Rodeo Court, 2nd street apartments, hostel, Nederhaus
Health: Columbine, alternative health, dentist (Dr. Simpson)
Police: Town and County
Fire: Volunteer Fire Departments
Childcare: licensed in home
Recreation: Soccer, hockey, Youth & Family center, schools
Library: Nederland, Gilpin

In order to narrow its focus, the group will do an informal poll. At the next meeting they will review the other action plan areas.

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