Notes from the November 9, 2004, meeting of the
Marketing & Tourism Discussion Group:

Al Nelson, Boating on Barker
Carol Bruntjen, Gold Miner Bed and Breakfast, Nederhaus Hotel
Scott Bruntjen, Boulder County Tourism and Recreation Program
Wendy Beggs, Rustic Moose and Nederland Visitor Center
Dale Porter, Nederland Library District, Nederland Historical Society, Miners' Days
Sandy LaJudice, Nederland Visitor Center
Teresa Warren, Nederland Area Chamber of Commerce, Off Her Rocker Antiques
Chris Perrett, Dr. Fix It, Mayor of Nederland

Teresa Warren facilitated the meeting. The goal of the meeting was to identify and discuss the top three suggestions for improving marketing and tourism, from a list that was developed at the Economic Summit 2004. After input from all participants, the following list emerged. Some selections were slightly modified or combined in discussion.

3 Votes:
C.8 Visitors Center Improvements - Repaint sign, more color, no brown on brown, easier to read
C.4 Visitors Center Improvements - Interactive computer screen for 24-hour info
D.6 Joint Marketing - RTD and Parking Lot

2 Votes:
A.1 Map/Directory - Get sponsors to raise money for maps & brochures (already in progress)
A.8 Map/Directory - Placemats of map - Eldora
D.15 Joint Marketing - Pick something and be known for it

1 Vote:
A.5 Map/Directory - Train downtown employees about area attractions and referrals
A.7 Map/Directory - Create "Gold C" style coupon book
D.1 Joint Marketing - Business Coupon Book w/local business coupons (give to 14,000 visitors)
D.3 Joint Marketing - Joint Marketing with (see suggested list) as well as Blackhawk, Central City, Eldora, etc.
D.12 Joint Marketing - Mail Nederland directory to season pass holders of Eldora Mtn Resort
D.13 Joint Marketing - Survey about Nederland performed at Eldora Mtn Resort
X.XX More recreation opportunities, i.e. Boating on the reservoir

The top 3 vote getters were selected for further discussion at this meeting.

Repaint Sign at Visitors Center

Participants agreed that the sign at the VC needed to be more noticeable when cars are driving past the building, from both directions. The group was reminded that there are town code restrictions that must be considered when designing and placing a new sign. Some suggestions were:
• Look at placement of signs that direct cars to the VC (round about, etc)
• Banner on outside of VC

• Sign on top of the VC
• Sign hanging out from top of building, hanging perpendicular, 2-sided, wood
• Add public restroom signs to outside of building

Funding for the new sign was discussed. Chris Perret thought the Town of Nederland might be willing to help pay for the new sign on the outside of the building. Teresa Warren also thought the Chamber of Commerce may be able to contribute. Chris volunteered to contact a local sign designer, and to bring an example of a new sign design to the next meeting.

It was brought up that McGuckins of Boulder donates regularly to non-profits, and they may be willing to donate restroom signs for the building. Teresa Warren volunteered to talk to a store representative about this.

Interactive Computer Screen at VC

Without knowing exactly what would be involved in making this work, the discussion was directed toward "what do you see this being." The following were suggestions made:
• Use the Chamber web site so business information would only have to be updated in one place
• Allow users to ask questions
• Equipment would have to be purchased, at what cost?
• Touchscreen for ease of use
• Locate screen on outside of building, similar to ATM, able to withstand elements

Teresa Warren and Dale Porter volunteered to try to get information about what would be needed (type of equipment, how it works, etc.) to accomplish this. Al Nelson will search on the internet for information.

Another suggestions was to affix a "realtors box" on the outside of the VC. The clear box with cover would hold Visitors Guides for people to take when the VC is closed. Wendy Beggs will look into what is available and what the cost would be.

RTD and Parking Lot

The main focus of this discussion centered around two of the items listed under this category. The focus was on renaming the Route N bus to a name like "The Climb," and a map kiosk at the RTD parking lot. Scott Bruntjen addressed the issue of possible TARP funding. He discussed the requirements for TARP funding, which included: the funded project must promote protection of the area, must not include paper handouts, has matching funding requirements, etc.

Scott also addresses the idea on renaming the bus route, and felt that might be a suggestion that RTD would consider. The one roadblock he identified was where the bus originates from and travels throughout the day. Scott volunteered to set up a meeting with an RTD representative to discuss this issue.

Other topics suggested included businesses trading parking spaces for money put into an endowment to fund a local town shuttle. A town shuttle concept might work with partnerships that include local businesses, new businesses coming to the area, RTD, the Town of Nederland, etc. This might be a fundable TARP project if properly put together.

Scott and Teresa agreed to meet and write a one page concept paper about the above.

The next meeting of the Marketing and Tourism discussion group will be held at the Community Center on Tuesday, November 30, from 7-9 p.m.

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