“Shop Locally” Treasure Hunt Clues

See contest rules and entry details in the Mountain-Ear advertisment,
back page of the January 30, 2003 edition.

Pictures numbered left to right.

  1. Perhaps you could use this to purchase a meal in the high country.
  2. Guard cat not included in any home purchase.
  3. You can’t get there from here. Santa enters buildings from the same direction.
  4. Fire and earth, magical transformation.
  5. Not for human consumption.
  6. What you see is a scale in the lower left corner, you wouldn’t weigh yourself.
  7. Bin there ate that.
  8. The early folk needed these in the old days to get to the inn.
  9. Just what the doctor ordered.
  10. Not leaving the station.
  11. Moose don’t eat ’em.
  12. Have a seat, get something good to .......
  13. Chapters and beans.
  14. Waiting here is good for your health.
  15. Everyone must do it, here’s where you get it.
  16. Deep in the heart of taxes.

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