Indian Peaks Panoramic Hiking Map
Fern/Horn Endeavors (Trail Tracks), 1995.

Trail Tracks Hiking Maps are 4-color aerial panoramic illustrations with the trails designated by colors to define their degree of difficulty, similar to ski area trail maps. With their beautiful graphics, these maps bring the geography of an area to life. They are a great alternative for people who are not familiar with reading topographic maps, and are a wonderful visual reference for those who are familiar with topographic maps.

The back side of each map provides a quick, easy reference for more information about each trail, so you can select the hikes that meet your needs based on elevation gain, distance, and what you’ll see (streams, lakes, tundra, etc.) Additional information is provided about wildlife, safety, weather and permits. Both day hikers and avid backpackers find the maps a welcome resource for their outdoor experience.

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