Whether you're an avid fly fisherman or simply want to drown a worm in a quiet lake on a warm summer afternoon, you can find yourself a place for a challenge or a change of pace in our area. Check at Indian Peaks Ace Hardware or a local fishing store for a license and state regulations. Fishing in our area can be done in streams, alpine lakes, and reservoirs. Most folks who fish don't like to tell much about where the best spots are, but below are some of the places you see folks all the time. They don't come with guarantees for catching your limit, but you'll have a great time trying no matter what you choose.

Area Reservoirs

Barker Reservoir
Located on the east end of Nederland, there is public access along the west and north shores. There is also a small children's fishing pond at Chipeta Park just west of the reservoir that is usually stocked with good sized catches.

Gross Reservoir
East and slightly south of Nederland is Gross Reservoir is twice the size of Barker Reservoir. From Nederland, drive south three miles and take highway 72 east toward Pinecliffe and Wondervu and watch for the turnoff to the left to Gross Reservoir.

Skyscraper Reservoir
Sitting at over 11,000' is the tiny Skyscraper Reservoir about a half mile above Woodland Lake. It's rarely fished so the cutthroats must be pretty good sized by now. Access is from the Hessie Trailhead. (See the section on hiking to Woodland Lake.)

Area Streams

Wherever the water flows you'll find folks fishing. And if they're fishing, there must be fish, right? Here are some of those places.

Middle Boulder Creek
As you drive up Boulder Canyon to Nederland on highway 119, you'll see people fishing at a dozen different spots. Pick one that's not private property and take your chances.

South Boulder Creek
Go either east or west of Rollinsville (most folks go west) along this swiftly moving stream all the way to the East Portal. Please respect the ╦Private PropertyË signs along the way. There'll be fish in the public fishing areas also.

Alpine Lakes

These are the gems of our area. For those who like the solitude of the mountains and the journey getting there - and good fishing - the small lakes near or above timberline are jewels for those who venture off the road. There are really too many to mention. While there are a few roadside locations, like Brainard Lake, most require a hike to reach. Check the section on hiking; most of the trails from Hessie, Fourth of July, and Brainard Lake trailheads pass by or end at a peaceful lake just waiting to tempt you. These alpine lakes are stocked - rainbows, browns, cutthroats, brookies, and occasionally splake - but which ones and when are a carefully guarded secret. Heasley's Colorado's Indian Peaks Wilderness offers locations, directions, and what you're likely to find when you get there.

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